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We Want Your Feedback!

The New Mexico Public Education Department invites teachers, administrators, human resource teams, families, and community members to provide input on how best to measure educator effectiveness in New Mexico.

Please review our community input session schedule (PDF) for information on future community feedback sessions in your region.

The feedback gathered from these conversations will be included in a Statewide Educator Effectiveness System Transition Report that will be published by a statewide Educator Effectiveness Task Force. Nominations for the Educator Effectiveness Task Force are currently open.

Please use the following link to submit a nomination:

Educator Effectiveness Task Force Nomination

Updating New Mexico's State ESSA Plan

NM PED is now seeking feedback on the current Section 3: Assessment Systems & Section 5: Supporting Excellent Educators of the New Mexico State Plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act. Amendments will be created based on your comments.


The NMTEACH Educator Effectiveness system is designed to establish a framework for continuous improvement and professional growth for teachers and principals, which, in turn, will promote student success. The NMTEACH system was created to ensure that every student has equitable access to an effective principal and teacher every day they are in school.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

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Join the Family Cabinet Today!

New Mexico families have big hopes and dreams for their children, but sometimes it can hard to find the right path. This guide has resources to help you understand how to help your child succeed in school, and much more.

Applications are open to apply for the Secretary’s Family Advisory. Apply by May 31.